For Families of Entering Kindergarteners at RES

The Kindergarten team at Raymond Elementary School has been working on making the beginning of the next school year, and school career, the most successful and smooth transition it can be for your children.  The beginning of Kindergarten can be a time of great excitement, but also great anxiety, for four and five-year-old learners and their families.  We want to start the year in a way that will help welcome our newest school members in a child-centered and supportive way.

So that you could plan accordingly for your family's needs we wanted to share, as soon as possible, the structure of the first three days of school.

Wednesday, September 4th: Parent and Kindergartener Visit

Please arrive with your kindergartener at RES by 9:00. Parents and kindergarteners will visit the kindergarten classroom. Parents will then be led to the library for an information and question session while the students participate in an activity with his/her teacher. Around 10:30, parents and kindergarteners will take a short bus ride to help them experience being on the big school bus. After the bus ride, parents and kindergarteners will depart.

Thursday, September 5th or Friday, September 6th:

One of these two days is the first day of school for Kindergarteners.  Half of the class joins on Thursday the 5th and the other half of the class joins on Friday the 6th.  This is a slight change than what is listed on the 2019-2020 district calendar.  Your kindergartener's start date will be communicated to you within the next couple of weeks.

The teachers will teach the 'first day of school' two days in a row. This allows children to be in a smaller group on their first day.  This idea is modeled after other districts in our area and other states who have found it to be a very successful way to transition the youngest learners to school.  The entire class begins together on Monday, September 9th.

We care about your children enjoying the start of their school career and have put a lot of thought and consideration into the plan.  We believe our plan will support your child having success!

Assistant Principal Beth Peavey and the RES K Team